Nature Berguedà.

Flora - Landscape Plant - The Mount or Mount Estatge Average

It occupies the portion of land that runs from the upper basement of the dwelling to 1,600 meters. Its climate is medioeuropeu also mild but rainy summers. Here is a clear prevalence of vegetation typically deciduous Siberian, which is cool in summer woods and a green light, which completely lose their leaves in autumn, passing through a change in color of foliage spectacular. Among these groups there are the dry oak (Quercion pubescentipetraea) represented by groves of oak with box (Buxó Quercetum-pubescent) and some oaks that would together with the most sunny. These oaks, much exploited historically, have been transformed to the point that many places have given way to large groups of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), and in some cases by black pine (Pinus nigra). These woods are now one of the best forest formations represented in terms of size, and should be interpreted as an intermediate step in the recovery of oak. There will also find well represented with box beech (Buxó-Fagetum) that colonize preferentially located in humid environments shady areas, and in some cases forests are really well composed. There are so scattered deciduous trees like maples (Acer campestre) or aspen (Populus tremula). In these forests will find some mushrooms such as bold, the mushrooms and chanterelles, all typical of coniferous forests and planifolia.