Nature Berguedà.

Flora - Flowers - Shoes of the Virgin (Cypripedium calceolus)

One of the rarest orchid species at home, while one of the most beautiful, and making a presence in the High Berguedà. The label is characteristic for the way they clog bumblebees imprison, and thus get an interesting system of pollination. It is a plant that reaches 50 cm in height and has a showy yellow flowers and pale purple in part. It is a montane species typical of the mountain, living in the curbs of roads and clearings in forests or clear, preferably in beech. It flowers between May and July. It presence in the Sierra Catllaràs and Rasos de Peguera, in the field of High Bergueda there are 360 ​​feet, representing the only known locations throughout the Catalan Pyrenees. These sites are legally protected areas of natural interest, and also protected in Europe. It is prohibited to harvest, the cutting and uprooting of the plant as much of their time.