Nature Berguedà.

Flora - The flora and vegetation Berguedà

The Berguedà is a region with a large altitudinal gradient, which leads to the differentiation of two parts: Upper and Lower Berguedà.

As for the plants there are a number of plant formations among which we highlight the forest formations. Forests vary as we move towards the most lofty of the region, so that can be differentiated in the lower and more strictly Mediterranean holm oak forest of oak formations, typical of continental environments. The High Berguedà, in turn, is characterized by a vegetation type with sub-Mediterranean oak woods with holly, and beech which are only appearance in the cool shade more. The age-old exploitation of forests has led to much of this territory the place of the oak forest of pine, are now much more abundant. Above 1600 m altitude alpine landscape is characterized by the appearance of pine forest, meadows and vast ceilings pasturats.