Nature Berguedà.

Animals - Fish

In the Berguedà, as has happened in the rest of Catalan, the native fish populations have suffered a clear decline. On the one hand many of the river areas have suffered a greater or lesser degree of pollution produced by both industry and the various urban areas, which has cornered the stocks in more preserved environments. It must be said that the current trend is to restore many of the environments that had been contaminated and have shown a clear improvement of water quality.

A second adverse effect on local fish stocks, has been the introduction of a large number of alien species, many predators and have shifted, in some environments even extinct species Berguedà own. The native species in the basin of the rivers Llobregat and Cardener are brown trout, the catfish, the red tail catfish and eel now extinct in the region. Facing the 4 native species there are a total of 22 introduced species that have been mentioned in various environments of the region, many of them confined only to the reservoir Baells.