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Mushrooms - Poisonous - Flour overboard (Amanita phalloides)

Micorrizogen is a fungus that lives in all types of forests, mainly siliceous soils in both the lowland and the montane.
It has the typical form of seasoned, with ring around the bottom and back What surrounds the base. Its characteristic color is green olivaci, although copies can be found esgrogueïts. The sheets are white with greenish white and the foot. You can get confused with some puagres cuàlberes or green, which differ by not having a ring or Volvo. Volvo may be covered by the leaves and not be visible at first glance. Therefore, in the case of Amanita and other mushrooms that can be confusing, we start them because the whole existence of Volvo and the appearance of the features are very important for the correct identification of species . It is a species with high toxicity, very abundant in our forests, not uncommon because it is the fungus that causes the highest number of fatal poisoning in Catalonia.