Nature Berguedà.

Mushrooms - Poisonous - False Carlet (Entoloma lividum)

It is a fungus that lives in forests micorrizogen planifolia, in damp and in all types of soils. Bears fruit in summer and autumn, often forming groups of 2-3 specimens joined at the base of the foot. Quite common in oak and beech forests of the montane. Hat has a fleshy, up to 20 cm diameter, with wavy margin and a cuticle that is dry, smooth and shining, finally pruïnosa, gray. It can also recognize the flesh compact, white, with strong and unpleasant smell and taste of rancid flour. It is a poisonous mushroom that causes serious poisoning with an acute gastrointestinal syndrome and intense. It is a mushroom that causes a greater number of poisoning, mainly due to the fact confuse it with mushrooms as the candle overboard, or escarlet white.