Nature Berguedà.

Mushrooms - Edible - Bold (Tricholoma terreum, T. portentosum)

Under the name of bold, or bold fredeluc find different species of the same gender. Its popular name specifying the onset in late autumn and early winter in the pine forests, often half-rotten pine needles among which stands out among his hat gray, almost black, from 4 to 8 cm, with a breast center, below which has a white sheet of dirty, gray. These fungi micorrizògens, normally associated with living conifers in all types of soils. Some species live from Mediterranean environments, such as white pine, pine forests to high mountain, which bear fruit in the fall and well into winter. Other species are more typical of montane forests of pine or fir. In general are so gregarious, both species being quite common, and considered a good edible. Traditionally cooked in omelets, soups, and stews with vegetables, potatoes and meat.